Oper and Theatre

Stage events at the opera, the theater, the circus, and vaudeville:

1. Reality and Illusion, Burgtheater, Wien, 1993-1994
2. Body & Soul, 1988
3. Flic Flac, A Poetic Vaudeville, 1981-1982
4. Begnadete Körper – Chinese Master Acrobats, started 1985
5. Roncalli Circus, started 1976
6. ERWARTUNG by Arnold Schönberg and
“LA VOIX HUMAINE” by Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau; with Jessye Norman; Production: André Heller
7. MAGNETEN, Charistmatic Sinte and Roma masters from twelve different countries, European tour: 1993–1994
MAYER-LING – A piece of a play – Opening night of the 1972 Vienna Festival
9. YUME – FLIGHT THROUGH DREAMS – A Japanese kaleidoscope, Tokyo 1997, European Tour 1998
10. SALUTE TO OLGA – A tribute to the few remaining artists able to perform the nearly-extinct art of Vaudeville; European tour 1986–1991