Video: Giardino Botanico

by sharik reza

Much of Gardone Rivera is reminiscent of the rooms and landscapes seen in …

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Video: Trailer André Heller

by sharik reza

Collected works of André Heller in a video trailer, accompanied with words of …

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by sharik reza

1. HEAVENLY SIGNS and FLYING SCULPTURES; World Tour 1986 – 1990; Niagara Falls, …

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Head of the Giant

by sharik reza

The 17-metre high “Head of the Giant” guards the entrance to the subterranean …

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Al Noor Island Project

by sharik reza

Development of Al Noor Island for the government (Shurooq) in Sharjah’s Khalid Lagoon, …

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Anima Garden, Marrakech

by sharik reza

ANIMA will be described as one of the most beautiful and imaginative gardens …

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The Earth-Goddess

by sharik reza

The Earth Goddess is a powerful nature spirit, who is protecting the Castle …

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